Cybersecurity Like No Other

Cybersecurity Like No Other

Game-changing encryption

To protect the network and data, many organizations encrypt incoming and outgoing traffic, including email, using SSL, TSL or other protocols.

Some of the problems organizations are facing:

  • Protocols cannot protect all entry points, leaving the organization vulnerable to attack and proprietary data exposed.
  • All encrypted data can be decrypted. With the emergence of quantum computers, decryption will be even faster.

Problems solved:

Patented DefenceDome™ technology protects your network and devices from malware, viruses, hacking, sniffers, user negligence, embedded software, internal and external data theft, and unknown protocols.

DefenceDome’s revolutionary, quantum-resistant encryption is fully randomized with variable-length, very long asymmetric keys with real-time encryption and frequent key changes on each packet. What’s more, with DefenceDome technology, there is no way for bad actors to collect your data.

If cybercriminals cannot access your encrypted data, they cannot decrypt it.

A new paradigm in secure private networks

DefenceDome™ introduces a new paradigm in network security. It protects networks connected via the internet from eavesdropping, penetration and interception, while creating a secure virtual private network between sites.

Rather than creating a tunnel as in a traditional VPN, our secure Wormhole™ private network anonymizes and obfuscates network packets, making the communication impossible to reconstruct. It uses the DefenceDome encryption algorithms to create the most secure VPN, bar none.

Unlike a tunnel which is easily detected and hacked or dropped, Wormhole networks are safe from cybercriminals.

DefenceDome also uses a revolutionary “dynamic firewall.” Unlike a traditional firewall, DefenceDome’s dynamic firewall can be constantly changing and programmed using additional parameters, to create stronger protection.

Cybercriminals cannot attack what they cannot see.

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