Great Wing Makes the Internet Safer with Revolutionary New Cybersecurity Product

Installs first “invisible VPN” that cannot be disturbed or hacked

NEW YORK, November 30, 2023 – Great Wing, a cybersecurity company that developed patented quantum-resistant encryption that establishes zero-trust environments, announces the first deployment of its patented DefenceDome Distributed™ network protection solution.

DefenceDome Distributed runs a Ghost™ process at each node, rendering communications invisible to and inaccessible from the LAN or internet—preventing eavesdropping, hacking, spoofing and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Ghost™ initializes the Wormhole™, a hardened TCP/UDP/ICMP-encrypted protocol that anonymizes and obfuscates network packets. With DefenceDome Distributed, the Wormhole becomes the only way to communicate throughout the network.

“Most cybersecurity solutions communicate using TCP/IP, which is buggy. Great Wing’s DefenceDome technology is markedly different—and safer—because it uses a unique protocol called the Wormhole that solves many of TCP/IP’s inherent problems. At the same time, it gives the appearance of TCP/IP so it can pass through the internet, yet remains undetected,” explained Great Wing CEO Moshe Ben-Benjamin. “Any communication that travels through the Wormhole will be quantum-resistant because of the chaotic nature of the Wormhole.”


The first deployment of DefenceDome protects multiple servers at the corporate location of Pro Locksmith & Security, a company that installs smart homes and provides access control to multi-tenant buildings. It connects multiple servers running different operating systems (Microsoft Windows and Linux) to multiple remote sites through different internet service providers (ISPs). “I have worked with many cybersecurity products over the years and I have never before experienced such a straightforward and easy configuration and installation,” said Yoni Hakim, CEO of Pro Locksmith & Security.

“All communications have been running seamlessly with no breaches, and the Wormhole has even increased the throughput of the network,” said Ben-Benjamin.

A penetration tester who was given the IP address of the customer’s network was not able to detect the existence of the network. “Normally when conducting reconnaissance, we can see some of the network devices, such as routers and servers, and the services they are providing. That’s a prerequisite for launching an attack. But with the Great Wing network I was not able to see anything,” said Alex Comerford, a cyber expert who conducted the pentest.

DefenceDome technology seamlessly integrates into existing networks without the need for configuration adjustments or infrastructure modifications. “We’ve designed DefenceDome from the ground up to be compatible with any network, even in the cloud. You don’t need to adapt to DefenceDome; rather, DefenceDome adapts to you,” explained Ben-Benjamin.

DefenceDome software can be used on its own or with any existing cybersecurity software that uses a TCP/UDP/ICMP networking stack to increase the security. Products like VPNs, encrypted protocols (TLS/SSL, IPsec, etc.), or even SASE architectures based on these networking stacks can be made more secure (or hardened) at zero performance cost. Businesses now have the ability to effortlessly de-risk their most complicated tools and networks.

­­­About Great Wing

Great Wing is a cybersecurity company that protects networks by rendering all network traffic invisible to the internet, placing it beyond the reach of bad actors—making communications quantum-resistant and creating a zero-trust environment. The patented technology requires no changes to an organization’s infrastructure and can be used standalone or together with existing cybersecurity solutions to make them stronger. Learn more at